Second module meeting with Isle of Skye Railway modules

From October 16th until October 18th 2009, the second module meeting with Isle of Skye Railway modules was held in Lohr/Main. On Friday we errected the layout. These year we've got Romesdale, Cambrian Road Motiv Power Depot and Borve Fiddle Yard for the first time. In the evening we spend some nice hours at an italian restaurant..

On saturday we started with a little delay. These year we used timetable and fastclock for operation. We also could use quite a large amount of rolling stock. After the first timetable we changed to Dieseltraction for the next half of the timetable. Afterwards we ate a good diner and watched some movies with scottish railway themes.

Because of the late start on sunday we don't run a timetable. The time was used for testing.

These year we've got enough operators

Copyright der Bilder Christian Reiter, Dirk Lübeck und Markus Ruß

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