First meeting with IoS modules

From November 7th until November 9th 2008 the first scottish module railway meeting with IoS was held at Lohr/Main These was a world premier, because these was the first time our modules where connected together. On friday the modules where errected and the backdrops where attached to the modules. Afterwards everything was tested. The evening was spend in good company at an italian restaurant.

After writing wagon- and freight cards, we started our first timetable on saturday. With every movement we get more routine. So we played three timetables on saturday. During that some faults could be seen, so that I made some minor adjustments to the timetable

On sunday morning we started with a reworked timetable, and these was approved by all participants. We all thought that the last one was the best.

It was a nice operating session, and I'm looking forward to the next module meeting next year.

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